Mountain View, CA Dentist Explains How Dental and Heart Health Intersect

Even in health-conscious areas like Mountain View, CA, dental activities like flossing are often forgeten, but this latest research gives us even more reason to be pay attention to oral health. “Proper oral hygiene requires daily brushing and flossing, as well as regular visits to the dentist to identify any potential markers for decay or indications of cavities, and treat the condition as early as possible,” explains noted Mountain View, CA dentist Dr. Patrick F. McEvoy, DDS.


Dental Implants in Mountain View: Technology and Excellent Results

Patients in need of the services of a cosmetic dentist in Mountain View can rely on skilled practitioners like Dr. McEvoy, whose use of state of the art procedures, technologies and techniques help ensure a successful and stress free treatment, using a wide range of materials and instruments such as titanium-based artificial roots that are surgically implanted on either the upper or lower jaw bone.

Unlike the ancients, who had little to rely on but hope, today’s patients can be sure that their implants will be placed in the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing site. Dentists use digital imaging, X-Rays and jaw molds before any procedure to assure correct placement of the implants, and modern technology and anesthesia make treatments so comfortable that patients often drop off to sleep mid-procedure, says Dr. McEvoy.

Save 73% on Dental Care with New Mountain View, CA Dentist Package

Dental procedures such as cleaning and bleaching can do wonders for your teeth. Yet what if you could get them all in a holistic dental care package?

Now you can, thanks to the all-new Patient Special from renowned Mountain View, CA dentist Dr. Patrick F. McEvoy. This offer includes X-ray screening, dental cleaning, and in-office whitening all for the low price of just $139.00. Individually, these procedures add up to a total dollar value of $507.00!

Let a trusted Mountain View, CA dentist check your teeth for signs of disease with an X-ray screening. Thereafter, purge bacteria and other harmful substances from the surface of your teeth and gums with a thorough cleaning. Finally, enjoy a smile several shades brighter with professional in-office bleaching.