Keep Your Smile Intact: Advice from a Mountain View Cosmetic Dentist on How Not to Wreck your Teeth

Bad habits such as these can build up over time to cause bigger problems, but sudden breakdowns can also occur as a result of everyday events. Playing a sport without a mouth guard, or tripping and hitting your face on the ground, or other common accidents frequently result in chipped or broken teeth.

Mountain View cosmetic dentist Dr. Patrick F. McEvoy, DDS, explains that thanks to advances in cosmetic dental technology there are many excellent techniques for repairing teeth that have suffered damage. For people whose teeth enamel is worn, veneers – usually made of porcelain – are an excellent option that function as replacements for the natural tooth’s enamel. They are placed directly on the tooth’s surface and usually attached by using a light-sensitive resin that hardens and bonds when exposed to ultraviolet light.


Keeping Your Teeth Smile-Ready: Advice from Mountain View Dentist Dr Patrick McEvoy

“Teeth Whitening

One of the simplest cosmetic procedures for teeth is to use whitening get them back to their original, pristine white state. Commonly called “teeth bleaching,” whitening can be done at the dental clinic or at home. It is advisable, however, to have your dentist oversee the procedure to ensure everything goes well, as whitening can cause sensitivity and in some cases – if the teeth are not mature, for example – can cause damage. The process itself is easy: a mouthpiece filled with the whitening agent is attached to your teeth for an hour or so. Depending on how stained your teeth are, you may have to come back multiple times. There are alternatives, though: your dentist may also be able to treat your teeth with the light-activated Sinsational Smile procedure, a 20-minute, painless treatment that uses an LED light to increase the efficacy of a whitening gel. This also comes with a take-home maintenance pen to extend the life of your brighter smile.


Safe Teeth Whitening: Advice From a Trusted Cosmetic Dentist in Mountain View

Dental treatments and procedures can do much more than simply promoting oral health; many are all about making teeth aesthetically pleasing. One point that can’t be emphasized enough is that all teeth whitening solutions are not the same. The available solutions may not be appropriate for everyone, even in areas like California, where cosmetic dental practices abound.

Though teeth whitening may sound like a very simple, risk-free procedure, it’s not. Multiple factors directly affect not only the success of the treatment but, more importantly, the safety of the patient. By talking to an experienced dentist, you will get an idea as to how severe the yellowing of your teeth is, and how it could be treated. Much-recommended, reputed Mountain View cosmetic dentistry practitioners like Dr. McEvoy usually perform a detailed initial examination to determine the proper approach to the problem.