Dental Implants in Mountain View: Technology and Excellent Results

Patients in need of the services of a cosmetic dentist in Mountain View can rely on skilled practitioners like Dr. McEvoy, whose use of state of the art procedures, technologies and techniques help ensure a successful and stress free treatment, using a wide range of materials and instruments such as titanium-based artificial roots that are surgically implanted on either the upper or lower jaw bone.

Unlike the ancients, who had little to rely on but hope, today’s patients can be sure that their implants will be placed in the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing site. Dentists use digital imaging, X-Rays and jaw molds before any procedure to assure correct placement of the implants, and modern technology and anesthesia make treatments so comfortable that patients often drop off to sleep mid-procedure, says Dr. McEvoy.


Patrick F. McEvoy, DDS Reviews

First-rate patient-care is of the utmost importance to us, and we are always grateful to receive positive feedback from our patients. We’re fortunate to be able to share with you a video of a 5 star review we received. Please watch the short video provided to learn what our patient had to say about us. Many thanks!

Stop Sneaky Teeth Stainers: Visit your Mountain View CA Dentist

Online beauty resource notes that beauty starts with a great smile:
If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then teeth must be the welcome mat. While that may not be an appetizing analogy, it might help explain why it’s all too easy to end up with a dingy yellow smile. Just as you’d take off muddy boots before stepping on a white carpet, you should avoid the foods that can stain your pristine teeth.
All too often, our best efforts to keep teeth white are canceled out because of the many things we eat, drink, do or don’t do that result in a dingy yellow smile instead. To maintain whiter teeth, there are certain teeth-sullying substances it’s wise to indulge in less frequently, or avoid before a special event. But, if you don’t want to deprive yourself all the foods and activities listed below, a regular maintenance schedule with a skilled dentist from Mountain View, CA (or reputable dental offices in your area) will keep your smile bright.

Want to Look Younger? Visit your Local Cosmetic Dentist

Most people these days gauge physical beauty almost solely by the glow of the skin but the other big factor is an attractive, healthy smile. That is why in the age of advanced dental technology, many people don’t hesitate to look to the services of a professional cosmetic dentist such as Dr. Patrick F. McEvoy, a renowned Mountain View practitioner known for his commitment to bringing the most advanced techniques and technologies to his patients.

Dental Patients’ Dream Come True: Pain-Free, Drill-Less, No-Anxiety Laser Dentistry

“Mountain View, Calif. – (July 14, 2014) – Dr. Patrick F. McEvoy, a leading Mountain View CA dentist renowned for his portfolio of advanced dental treatments, has introduced the Solea CO2 laser system: a fast, precise, virtually noiseless and anesthesia-free system that does away with the discomfort and anxiety associated with dental treatment.

“The Solea system completely changes the whole experience,” said Dr. McEvoy. “Cavity removal, fillings and other treatments are amazingly comfortable with the Solea laser – it is light years ahead of traditional methods and I believe it sets a new standard for painless dentistry. Even the most nervous patients can forget their fear and focus on a great outcome. Solea change what it means to go to the dentist.””

Keeping Your Teeth Smile-Ready: Advice from Mountain View Dentist Dr Patrick McEvoy

“Teeth Whitening

One of the simplest cosmetic procedures for teeth is to use whitening get them back to their original, pristine white state. Commonly called “teeth bleaching,” whitening can be done at the dental clinic or at home. It is advisable, however, to have your dentist oversee the procedure to ensure everything goes well, as whitening can cause sensitivity and in some cases – if the teeth are not mature, for example – can cause damage. The process itself is easy: a mouthpiece filled with the whitening agent is attached to your teeth for an hour or so. Depending on how stained your teeth are, you may have to come back multiple times. There are alternatives, though: your dentist may also be able to treat your teeth with the light-activated Sinsational Smile procedure, a 20-minute, painless treatment that uses an LED light to increase the efficacy of a whitening gel. This also comes with a take-home maintenance pen to extend the life of your brighter smile.


Why Seeing a Trusted Dentist in Mountain View, CA Can Save Your Life

Failing to pay attention to oral hygiene may pose serious threats to your health, especially if you are already suffering from cardiovascular diseases or if there is a tendency to this risk in your family. For Silicon Valley residents, it’s an easy matter to have regular checkups with a trusted dentist in Mountain View, CA. Your dental care team can quickly identify whether you are at risk, what preventive steps you can take, and, possibly, even save your life.

A diplomat and accredited member of multiple professional associations, and one of the pioneers of dental implants and Cerex restorative technology in California, Dr. McEvoy has built his practice as a dentist in Mountain View, CA over more than 20 years.