No Kidding – Children’s Oral Health Is Crucial to Healthy Adult Teeth, Says Mountain View, CA Dentist

Teeth are strong but surprisingly vulnerable, and this is particularly the case with kids’ teeth. It’s a common misconception that it doesn’t matter what happens to children’s teeth in the early years, as those teeth will fall out anyway. In fact, dental hygiene in early childhood is a crucial foundation for a mouthful of great teeth as an adult. Problems like caries or gum disease in the early years can lead to pain, missed school days, or bigger heath issues. It is critical to prevent and protect against such issues from infancy.

Proper dental hygiene and attention to oral care should be established as early as possible to prevent future complications – and it’s not just the parents’ job. A Dentistry IQ website report dated September 3, 2014 stresses that children need to learn how to brush and care for their own teeth at an early age. The best way for them to do this is to learn from dentists.


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