Dental Review for Patrick F. McEvoy DDS in Mountain View California

Creating trusting relationships with all our patients is very to us. Comments like this are greatly appreciated!

Dentist Review for Patrick F. McEvoy, DDS by Edward S.:

“Dr. Patrick McEvoy is the most genuine, considerate, and technically proficient dentist I have ever had the pleasure of coming across, and there are dentists in my family I hope never read this. He helped me out during a time I really didn’t trust the dental industry due to a previous experience I’d gone through. Despite past experiences, Dr. McEvoy showed me just how powerful technology and human expertise can be when combined and directed to the task of dental care. I haven’t needed it personally, but according to a source I trust very much… my mother… his syringe-less numbing technique is painless and proficient, and makes it so precise, your whole jaw isn’t tingly or numb after the procedure. Lets face it, no one wants to walk around with half their face frozen for a third of the day. And on top if it all, you get the charm and swag only a British gentleman could hope to muster. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of dentist, and I know you’ll be happy as well.”

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